Era Business School

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Era Merit Scholarship

At EBS, we believe in Promoting Excellence and Rewarding Meritocracy. We offer over 2.1 crores of Scholarship to Government, and Public Sector Employees & their Dependent .

Objectives of offering Scholarships:

  • To promote academic excellence at EBS.
  • To reward the hard work of the meritorious students.
  • To develop and nurture competitiveness amongst students.
  • To encourage talented students to perform better in each trimester.
  • To build a sense of achievement in the students.
  • To demonstrate the EBS corporate social responsibility.

Fee Waivers

Entrance examination based scholarships

CAT/ XAT (Percentile)

Percentile Scholarship Amount (Rs.) Total fee due after fee waiver
60 – 69 50,000 5,50,000
70 – 79 60,000 5,40,000
80 – 84 70,000 5,30,000
85 and above 90,000 5,10,000


Percentile Scholarship Amount (Rs.) Total fee due after fee waiver
60 – 65 30,000 5,70,000
66 – 69 40,000 5,60,000
70 – 79 50,000 5,50,000
80 – 89 60,000 5,40,000
90 – 94 70,000 5,30,000
95 and above 80,000 5,20,000


Percentile Scholarship Amount (Rs.) Total fee due after fee waiver
195 -214 30,000 5,70,000
215 – 225 40,000 5,60,000
226 – 260 50,000 5,50,000
261 – 295 60,000 5,40,000
296 – 307 70,000 5,30,000
308 above 80,000 5,20,000

Special fee waiver for employees on study leave

A special waiver for Rs. 1,00,000/- on tuition fee or Era Welfare Scheme Scholarships and the Entrance Examination Based Scholarships, whichever higher may be given to employees on study leave to officers from defense forces, paramilitary forces and government services. The Pre-Placement offer will not be extended to candidates from this category.

Scholarship for govt. / defence / psu, employees & dependents

Era Business School offers attractive scholarships to Govt. / Defense / PSU Employees and Dependents. To check if you are eligible for the scholarship, you can contact the Dr. Vandana Sharma (Head of Admissions) at, 011-46451000, or leave a query on the website.

Rolling Scholarships

To encourage students to perform better, EBS rolling scholarship worth Rs. 50,000 each if they are amongst top 5% students of the class. The Rolling Scholarships are awarded on Trimester Grade Point Average as Tuition Fee waiver for the ensuing Trimester.
The scholarship shall be adjusted against their fee installment as under:

Trimester 1 October December
Trimester 2 February June
Trimester 3 July December
Trimester 4 October December
Trimester 5 February Convocation

Fee Waiver and Rolling Scholarship Policy Guidelines:

  • Fee Waivers are payable equally over the four fee installments.
  • A student availing of fee waivers is also eligible for the Rolling scholarship based on his/her performance.
  • A student can avail Era Welfare Scholarship and Entrance Examination based Scholarships, clubbed together OrSpecial Fee Waiver for employees on study leave, whichever is higher.
  • The amount of Fee Waiver and Scholarship is limited to the Tuition Fee of the complete programme.
  • Minimum TGPA of 3.0 and 80% attendance is compulsory to be achieved in the trimester for obtainingRolling Scholarship.