Era Business School

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Life @EBS

EBS teaches you to have fun, take life seriously

Students at Era Business School (EBS), Dwarka, are constantly on their toes. And it's not because of management studies alone. In addition to their classes and assignments, the institute keeps them busy with a plethora of personality development and leadership development programs.

Being students of professional courses, the aspiring managers at the EBS never lose focus. Says Shweta, a PGDM (Finance) student: "I did my graduation from Delhi University. Life at DU is much different from the one at EBS. I became more serious and focused towards my goals. At EBS, I know what my goals are as also how to reach them."

In today's competitive environment, one needs to have an edge over the others not just to lead but to survive as well. And to be able to do that, one needs an education that grooms one to be better than the best. The EBS is just that kind of an institute which provides many additional training sessions to its students who come out as efficient, job-ready professionals.

Nikita Anand, who is in her second year at the EBS, had completed her graduation from the Bihar University. These two years, she says, have been the turning point in her life. She says: "I came to know about the EBS from newspapers. When I came here, I loved the environment. There are a lot many things that make me so proud of belonging here. EBS has helped me with my communication skills. I am a lot more confident person…there are so many things I have learnt here, I cannot count on fingertips."

Nikita's new-found confidence showed when she completed her internship on a complex topic like debt capital. Despite coming from a relatively backward part of the country, she has blossomed into an independent, confident woman who is quite comfortable in a metro city like Delhi. "Just by being at the EBS, I have learnt how to interact with different people, how to dress according to the occasion and basically, how to survive in a city like this," she says.

Manisha doesn't tire of praising the infrastructure of the EBS. But that's not all that impresses her about her institute. "I lacked in presentation skills but here we have communication classes, discussions, Dale Carnegie Session –that addresses public speaking -- which have helped me a lot," she says.

ERA Business School's ERP blackboard wins accolades

With the Era Business School (EBS) Blackboard, the world literally is your campus.Using the Blackboard, a web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, EBS students have a direct link to all aspects of their course of study and campus life, no matter where they are in the world.

With the Blackboard, students have a personal portal customized for their course and featuring: lecture notes, course material, attendances, blogs, communication with faculty and students, exam results, a personal e-portfolio and much more. The EBS Blackboard also brings together all the information a student needs on the institute, student groups, social activities, career opportunities, advice and support.

EBS has invested in developing a world-class infrastructure, powered by a Wi-Fi state-of-the-art technology campus, step based global video delivery enabled classroom, and Web-enabled ERP-based system (EBS Blackboard), besides a Finnish software based IT and communication.

In a further step, Era Business School extended facilities to accentuate learning and empowering education through the introduction of Apple iPad 2 for all its students. EBS recognizes that students can experience a breakthrough in learning subjects more easily and faster by creating a unique learning environment and so to promote tech-savvy learning, EBS is providing an Apple iPad2 to every student.

As EBS Director Prof. Sanjiv Marwah said: "With these entirely modern tech perks, EBS's wireless accommodations and computer amenities are at par with the very best in the world. Its light weight can shave nearly three pounds off a college student's shoulders." He said: "With its state of the art Wi-Fi campus, web-based educational and administrative services and live case discussions in the classrooms, Era Business School promises to elevate India's business education scenario to a global scale." Chairman H.S. Bharana said: "Era Business School strives to impart high-end quality education through innovative teaching methodologies and distinguished faculty.

"EBS, anchored by the Era Group, shall play a pivotal role in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow to face the challenges of the day, in an environment designed to provide them with the necessary intellectual stimulation. "It is an exciting journey and I look forward to your support to take forward this initiative of Era to nurture the leaders of tomorrow."

Communication Enhancement Programmes at EBS

Era Business School has incorporated Dale Carnegie's Certificate Programme in Executive Excellence in its curriculum in order to help the students enhance their communication skills and develop their all round personality. The latest CPEE workshop conducted by Mr. Vipul Soota was a part of this program. Read on to find out more about it.

Dale Carnegie's Certificate Programme in Executive Excellence has been quite helpful for the students at Era Business School; it has benefited them by teaching them effective communication skills and grooming their personality.

Students at EBS are all excited about attending the Dale Carnegie's CPEE workshops that are held quite often at the B-school. They are asked to work on certain assignments as a part of CPEE and are rated based on their work. This program is mainly focused on preparing the students for entering the corporate world. The students are made aware about the various ways in which group discussions and personal interview rounds may be conducted. The information shared on such topics is quite beneficial for the students. "I have learned how to tackle different questions during group discussion rounds and feel more confident after attending the CPEE sessions", said a second year PGDM student from Era Business School.

Era Business School students are quite sporting and interactive. They participate in these sessions with full enthusiasm; putting across their ideas, clarifying their doubts and providing suggestions. The program also encourages the students to get involved in role plays in order help them learn better. "The CPEE workshops includes mock sessions and role plays which give us a clear understanding about the real life scenarios and help us learn a lot", said a first year PGDM student.

The program also discusses the importance of writing power resumes and shares various tips to prepare such resumes. The significance of dressing up appropriately for an interview is also discussed and the students are also given special training on the same. Fifteen students amongst those attending the latest CPEE workshop held in December last year were awarded the CPEE certification in the first round. "I am all excited about winning this certification. I feel confident about my communication skills now", shared a second year PGDM student. The students who could not clear the certification share that they would put in more efforts next time.

Construction Project Management as a Specialization Course

Construction-minded students can literally cash-in on India's building boom by taking Era Business School's Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Construction Project Management) programme which features an earn while you learn plan plus numerous scholarships. Earning while learning is just one of the benefits of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Construction Project Management) offered by Era Business School.

Designed to provide students some financial aid as well as hands-on experience, students will work at infrastructure and real estate sites six days a month for 10 months each year of the two year programme – and get paid to do so. Approved by the All India Council for Technical Education, the two-year programme features traditional management courses, along with courses in construction and project management, specialized courses in real estate development and management, infrastructure development and management focusing on transport, energy and power infrastructure. The PGDM (CPM) course is open to both new graduates and mid-career professionals.

A blend of theoretical and applied courses, the programme also includes training through practical experience with the aim of preparing graduates to take on responsibility at all levels of construction, real estate and infrastructure projects and deliver the goods efficiently and on time. EBS is anchored by the world-class engineering, construction and services conglomerate the Era Group and job placement after successfully completing the PGDM (CPM) program is guaranteed.

The timing is definitely right to move into construction project management – the demand is there for skilled employees and that demand is constantly growing. A booming economy, favourable demographics, increasing affordability, the growing number of financing options and more foreign investment has made the Indian real estate sector very appealing. It is now one of India's largest employers.

Building is booming in India and now is the time to start constructing a solid base for a career in the industry. With 65 per cent of the total investment in infrastructure going toward construction, the sector is forecast to undergo high and sustained growth. Based on the latest growth-rate statistics, it is estimated there will be 83 million people employed in the construction industry by 2022 compared to 36 million in 2008.

It is estimated an additional 47 million workers will be needed by 2022 – 33 million in infrastructure and 14 million in the real estate sector. The market value of projects under construction in India broke the $100-billion barrier in 2010 and, due largely to huge investments in housing, roads, major highways, ports, water supply and airport development, the annual growth rate has been soaring at 11.1 per cent in recent years.

With demand for CPM grads ever increasing, there is a definite financial advantage to taking the course offered by Era Business School. In addition to the learn and earn programme and the guaranteed paid summer internship programme noted earlier, Era offers entrance examination based scholarships,

EBS Founding Batch says Good Bye

The founding batch of ERA Business School is all set to say final goodbye to EBS and mentors who prepared them to excel in the corporate world confidently. Sharing their experience with the new batch, the first batch has set a precedent with the new batch to be enthusiastic and follow their mentors.

The first batch actively took part in various events held by the institute like Outbound training programme, CPEE Workshop, which was supposed to be of 5 days but extended to 7days, Education Conference 2011 and the most exciting and exhilarating Inizio Festo. Each of these events was successful and was very beneficial for them to get practical knowledge from it. Giving inputs and bringing sponsors for every event was a challenging task, but the founding batch along with the help of the faculty members managed to acquire quite a few of them.

?The founding batch finds themselves lucky to hold an PGDM degree from EBS, because the institute helped them in getting into the corporate world with great confidence to face the corporate challenges. Academically,EBS has proved to be one of the best institutes and ensured that students have a positive belief for the institute.

Today, holding an PGDM degree has its own reputation and if it has the seal of EBS then nothing can stop you from getting into a good job in a leading company. Students proudly explained how EBS helped them in grooming and bringing out their best so as to be confident during interview. "What we were while entering into the EBS campus and what we are today is entirely different. EBS has helped in bringing the best out of us and with EBS PGDM degree we are all set to conquer the corporate world," said a student from the founding batch.

According to students, ERA has opened a great institute named EBS in Delhi's prime location. Explaining the reason on choosing EBS for the course, an HR student from the first batch said, "I just loved the campus and the facilities that the institute offered to us in these two years. I would always remember my teachers who are mentors for me and would like to advice my juniors to take the best advantage of them."

Some founding batch students couldn't even believe that the course has come to an end and they are leaving the institute as seniors. "I have gained so much from this institute that I can guarantee that the new batch would also feel the same after completion of their course" said first batch student.

The faculty members at EBS also appreciated the founding batch for their active participation in academic as well as other extra curricular activities and asked the new batch to take them as an inspiration. As the gathering came to an end, all the students from EBS founding batch displayed their sentiments by echoing, "We will miss EBS".

EBS Engages its students in different events throughout 2011

Era Business School has been actively involved in various events throughout the last year, be it arranging workshops for providing academic training to the students to prepare them for the competitive corporate world or engaging students actively in extra curricular activities to bring out the best in them. This article discusses about different major events that EBS undertook last year.

The year started with the outbound training programme at Shivpuri, Uttarakhand which was one of the most challenging events that took place. The main aim of this event was to bring students out of their shells and face the challenge of the real world. This has apparently helped the students to recognize the importance of team work which is essentially needed in the corporate world. It was an interesting training programme for the students, where they had to go through different challenging tasks and give their best as a team.

"Initially it was difficult for us to handle the task but we worked together as a team and helped each other to get positive results," said a student who participated in this training programme. Dale Carnegie's CPEE Workshop was the next big event that took place in the institute premise. Initially, it was a three day workshop for the 5th semester, but later as students were given assignments to prepare for the workshop it went on for 7 days.

This workshop was a successful event as healthy interaction between students and trainers proved to be quite beneficial. Students were exposed to different GD & PI and also the art of writing powerful resumes that would ultimately help them in getting recruited. Both girls and boys were trained on grooming and other important things to be successful in interview.

The visit to Shoppers Stop outlet by 15 Retail Management students was yet another event that helped students to know the insight of operational section in Shoppers Stop. Retail Management students were given practical knowledge about everything that is important to be learned during the course. A student of retail management batch said, "Visiting Shoppers Stop was a good experience, as we were given a good insight about the working culture and how a retail outlet runs. We are looking forward to an exciting career ahead in this industry."

Education Conference 2011, organized by Federation of Educational Publishers in India (FEPI) was equally appreciated by the attendees. Publishers of different books actively took participation by expressing their interest to know more about copyright issues of digital marketing.

Students from EBS were also taken to Parle-G's manufacturing unit at Neemrana, Rajasthan where the head of the training and development department took the initiative to take students around the unit. Students were shown the entire process of manufacturing, packing and packaging which was interesting to learn.

Inizio Festo was the most anticipated event in 2011 in which the theme was Corruption Free Society. There were different programs that took place during this event. "It was an amazing experience as we all took part in this event; it actually brought out our hidden talents. We are looking forward to more such events in the coming year."

Placements and Internships at EBS

Era Business School, Dwarka, an AICTE approved educational Institute based in Delhi-NCR, has been helping its students grab some of the best internship and placements offers. The institute has seen various top-notch companies coming its way to recruit the students for final placements and internships. The article covers the excitement and contentment of the EBS students on getting such offers.

Era Business School, Dwarka (EBS) placed its foundation batch comprising of some really bright and intelligent students to some of the leading companies in India. This is their first step into the corporate world and the start is pretty good. Students at EBS are well groomed and trained to face the challenges of the corporate system. The faculty members at EBS provide practical knowledge and conduct interactive session with industry leaders to educate their students in every possible way.

Students are well prepared for handling the interview rounds and cracking the selection process to get good placement offers. "I was well prepared and quite happy with the selection process happening at the EBScampus. We have been given good training during the course to prepare ourselves for the interview and placements for companies. I was confident of cracking the interview and did!" said a final year student from EBS.

Both public sector and private sector companies are interviewing students from the current final year batch for the paid internship. Companies like Aditya Birla Group, Trident, Intercontinental Hotels Group, NDPL, ERA Infra, Franklinn Templeton, IIFCO, Tata Motors, Airtel, Bank of Maharashtra, Airport Authority of India, Raymond, Indiabulls, ITC Limited and ONGC are actively taking part in recruiting students from EBS for placements and internships.

EBS students are being well trained in all segments.EraBusinessSchoolmakes use of the latest technology to impart education to its students. The institute management understands the importance of imparting quality education as well as developing the students' overall personality and the faculty members are continually working on both these aspects to prepare the students for the upcoming challenges.

A first year management student specializing in the field of finance who got placed recently shared, "Though I have joined the company recently and that too as an intern, I am not finding it hard to handle the various technicalities at work as EBS has trained us very well to tackle such tasks and situations".

"Getting an internship offer in such a reputed company is a dream come true for me. I am looking forward to getting a permanent place, next year, in the company which I am sure I would be able to get through my knowledge and hard work, shared another first year student.

LEARN all you can don't lose foucs: prof Subramanian, CRC Head

The EBS has notable faculty that ensures quality education. A case in point isProfessor J. Subramaniam, who has over 35 years of industry experience. His last employers were MMTC from whom he sought voluntary retirement. He is part of theEBS planning committee that looks into international business and international human resources. Further, the professor is catalytic in enabling a direct interface with the international experts. He also heads the corporate research centre at EBS.

Highlighting the employment opportunities that students of IB and HR have today, he explains how these two areas "are extensions of international marketing and international human resources." TheEBS enhances the national and global skills so as to "bring the students to the level where they can handle both the dimensions effectively and efficiently."

In order to settle down in the industry, one must probe and analyse it, Prof Subramanian says. Understanding the nuances involved in real-life situations in the industry, per se, is essential. A similar magnified worldview of the field of human resources brings out the challenges it faces. Listing down the four major challenges, the professor points at "attrition, a huge problem today, downsizing, lack of skill- development due to fast-paced job-hopping by the HR personnel and over- glamorization of HR, cutting out the working class from its purview."

In the backdrop of the placement season in the academic year of EBS, Dwarka, Subramanian lays a lot of emphasis on "focus." While facing the recruiter, keep four fundamentals handy, he says. One, possess knowledge, particularly in your area of specialization. This reflects in the impression one leaves on the recruiters – while a good knowledge base will be impressive, loopholes in it may create doubt regarding one's efficiency.

Mere theoretical knowledge does no good. A through and through understanding of the industry is necessary. For this, at the EBS, it is mandatory to enroll in an internship program. Carrying this experience can prove useful since the focus of the recruiting organization becomes clearer and matching the job profile with the skills possessed becomes the next step.

However, Subramanian points out, it may not be this easy and "one must prepare to accept challenges as most people do not get tailor-made jobs." One must learn to bend and adjust according to the demands of the job. Be prepared to share with the recruiter the awareness level and a well-suited job will definitely come your way, he says. In a nutshell, the EBS puts forth a well-packaged combination of theory and praxis, aiming at an all-round development of the student. Hardwork, perseverance, stability, ethics and honesty are the other key factors which will open all doors for future managers, he says.

Summary: The world is your campus at the Era Business School (EBS) thanks to its high-tech infrastructure which features Blackboard, a web-based ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system. With Blackboard, EBS students have a direct link to all aspects of their course of study and campus life,no matter where they are in the world, due to a personal portal customized for their course and featuring: lecture notes, course material, attendances, blogs, communication with faculty and students, exam results, a personal e-portfolio and much more.

NEW book by ERA Business school director destined to be a 'MUST READ' for students

A new book written by Era Business School (EBS) Director Prof. (Dr.) Sanjiv Marwah, could soon be a 'must read' textbook for students of infrastructure and project management. Launched October 17, the book (published by Dreamtech Press) titled 'Project Management' has been described as a practical and theoretical approach toward the growing challenges in the sector of infrastructure and project management.

Dr. Marwah said: "This book has been specially designed for students of management and other technical courses, and helps in building the desired skills and acumen to manage different projects effectively. This book also serves as a good read for the professionals. This book offers a practical and theoretical approach toward the increasing challenges in the field of infrastructure and project management."

Speaking at the book launch, H.S. Bharana, Chairman of the Era Group, said: "India is taking giant strides in infrastructure developments. With the growing demand of professionals seeking careers demanding expertise in project management, I appreciate Dr. Marwah for travelling an extra mile for this initiative."

J.K. Kyushu, CEO; Yogesh Verma, Ajay Saxena and Prabhat Singh – President; Joy Saxena – Group CFO; Pawan Mehra – Senior Vice-President; Alok Khanna – Group SRS Head; Raj Sharma – Corporate HR Head and Ms. Rashmi – Management Trustee, Era Business School were also present at the book launch.

Dr. Marwah, a strategic management expert, has an MBA and a Doctorate in Management, with two decades of corporate and teaching experience. He has been the Dean of Management and Director at Maharishi Markandeshwar University, a professor at Apeejay School of Management Dwarka, and is closely associated with Lincolnshire, Humberside, and Thames Valley University, U.K., Singapore Management University and Philadelphia University, U.S.A.

While serving as a professor and head of marketing at Apeejay School of Management he spearheaded the CRCwhich was developed as a business school innovation and also chaired the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Management Development under an All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) grant.

Summary: The world is your campus at the Era Business School (EBS) thanks to its high-tech infrastructure which features Blackboard, a web-based ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system. With Blackboard, EBS students have a direct link to all aspects of their course of study and campus life,no matter where they are in the world, due to a personal portal customized for their course and featuring: lecture notes, course material, attendances, blogs, communication with faculty and students, exam results, a personal e-portfolio and much more.